We all find ourselves in a time of rapid fire emails, 140-character “Tweets,” and instant electronic messages. While these technological “advances” may keep us in touch, we can’t forget the importance of a well-written personal message.

Writing the right words matters. Connecting with others through our communications matters. And letting a message flow from our heart adds meaning and grace to life.

I’m hoping my books will help make writing personal and meaningful words come more easily—for happy times of celebration, and sad times when words of comfort are needed. I believe all of us need a little help at times to come up with just the right words. Maybe you’d like to keep my books handy for just those times; right by your computer, or on your desk, where you sit to write those special personal notes.

Find the words. And write.

You don’t have to look far. Just click your mouse on one of the book covers and you’ll magically be at Amazon’s online bookstore. My books are also available at Barnes & Noble online, and in brick and mortar bookstores right in your neighborhood–stores like the Tattered Cover in Denver. If not, ask someone at your favorite bookstore to order them.