The performance review is one of the most powerful, time-honored tools to shape company talent, develop strong channels of communication, and create systemic change. Yet, it is oftentimes a source of stress across the managerial spectrum. Indeed, effectively reviewing an employee is a learned skill; fortunately, Sandra E. Lamb, the author of the acclaimed How to Write It, has compiled the best methods and proven tactics to administer productive evaluations in a pithy, user-friendly manual: 3000 Power Words and Phrases for Effective Performance Reviews.

This go-to reference guide takes all the guesswork out of the employee evaluation process by breaking it down into clear, approachable steps. With Lamb’s guidance, managers and HR professionals at all levels will be poised to anticipate—and then diffuse—potential landmines, prepare for and conduct both written and in-person reviews, and arrive to the evaluation armed with a compendium of ready-to-use words and phrases to describe both soft and hard skills.

“Sandra Lamb has come up with a fantastic framework for organizing performance reviews and suggestions for how to give finely-tuned feedback with eloquent words. This is a marvelously clever and much-needed book. Words don’t always come easy these days, and wordsmiths are a dying breed. Sandra is one of the very best. I highly recommend this book.”
—Richard N. Bolles, author of What Color Is Your Parachute?

Features in 3000 Power Words and Phrases for Effective Performance Reviews include:

  • Breakdown of the evaluation process, such as establishing goals of the review and adjusting the employee’s job description, to empower the reviewer for the actual evaluation.
  • In-depth explanations of the personal skills, traits, and core competencies to look for when considering an employee’s work history. Because no two employees are alike, a manager can tailor the provided scoring system accordingly.
  • Comprehensive list of job skills and performance evaluations by title and function in most professional industries.
  • Lists of powerful words and phrases to express both positive and negative traits. A successful manager is not just a professional who is the best in their field, but someone who leads subordinates to achieve their best as well. Lamb goes beyond a blue-print for carrying out successful employee evaluations to give managers the tools, words, and phrases to inspire.

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