Are you sometimes unsure of how to write a business letter or a social note? Do you come up blank when you have to compose a press release, a complaint, a request for a credit check, or a wedding invitation?

Now there’s help. Every form of written correspondence has its own protocol, and this authoritative yet easy-to-use reference book presents the best advice on writing all of them.

How to Write It includes models and advice for virtually any situation, ranging from direct-mail pieces to party invitations, resumes to collection letters, proposals to notes of congratulation, product orders to thank-you notes. Your complete guide to everything you need to write, this indispensable volume also includes:

  • A time-saving compendium of over 250 samples that can be used as templates to suit any situation.
  • Grammar and punctuation guides
  • An appendix on bias-free language for the new millennium
  • How to adapt traditional forms of communication
    to e-mail and the Internet without losing any clarity of expression.
  • Forms of address for everyone from your next-door neighbor to royalty.

How to Write It deals with every type of letter and document, from the ones we enjoy writing to the ones we dread. Indexed for immediate answers, this quick-reference guide is an invaluable tool for every home, business, or classroom writer.

Sandra E. Lamb’s latest book, How to Write It: A Complete Guide to Everything You’ll Ever Write, is available at your favorite bookstore or on-line at